The Origins of
Planet Heroes

Planet Heroes is a project created from the heart
and driven for our love of home, the planet.

For years, we have seen how the planet is being devastated through human actions. Tonnes of plastic scattered and dumped, our seas are struggling and mountains, rivers and cities are full of garbage, and we still continue to generate tonnes of waste.


Waste management systems are not efficient enough and despite the large investments in the industry; there’s been little to no progress in finding solutions to these current issues. And so, we all have a responsibility to build awareness – and for us all to make an effort in changing our daily habits to become the heroes that make the difference, Planet Heroes!

This project begins with our will to make our contribution to the achievement of a world without plastics. At Planet Heroes, we provide environmentally friendly products to those people concerned about the planet, without having to give up their daily comfort.


Planet Heroes core focuses are: the development of zero waste projects, sustainability, and promoting the non-use of conventional plastics, avoiding as much as possible the transport of liquids, understanding that the product we offer is as important as its packaging.

about our commitment

In Planet Heroes, we believe in bringing more to society, hence we have implemented in our vision the Triple Balance:

Generating an economic balance to have financial sustainability which allows us to continue growing and supporting social projects, with the aim to create a social balance and a positive impact for people, and an ecologic balance that generates a positive impact for the environment.

Following our way to understand life, Planet Heroes wants to collaborate with the achievement of the 17 SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) promoted by UNO and the signing countries in 2015, to ensure that they are a reality and with the hope to see results before 2030, the agreed 15-years term.

We also focus in the collaboration with social associations closer and important for us, to play a useful role where we live and to help more people have a worthy life.

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