About us

About us

Meet us, Ray, Pep and Sílvia believe in this life project. We do what we love, to be able to enjoy our environment and beloved people as much as possible. We have different professional backgrounds, but we share our way to live and understand our lives. Meet us!


Promotor of the project,

he has had this idea going around his head for many years.
Ray grew up in the nature, in a house with dogs, sheeps, rabbits, hens… However, his professional career brought him to some of the biggest cities in the planet, where he discovered his conviction that humans have to reconnect with nature.
Ray is an enthusiastic hiker, as it is in the mountains where he feels better and where he finds inspiration for another of his passions, writing.


Chef of profession and vocation,

delighting his family and friends when he has the chance.
He changed the stoves for the corporative world until he realized that wasn’t the environment he wanted to be in, unless he could do something to change it.
Pep is from the countryside and has always been very attached to nature. His grandparents lived in the mountains, where he could drink water directly from the river, run between geese and hens and go mushroom picking.
He inherited tenacity and commitment from his dad, values that are reflected in his daily work in Planet Heroes.


She describes herself as the feminine part that balances the equation,

She is the creative mind in the team, persistently creative, that has always been a nature and animals lover. She is a vegetarian and lives a healthy, sustainable, conscious and respectful life, in the countryside, surrounded by animals, woods, rivers and mountains.
To feel part of this environment, everyday she goes for a walk with her dog Menta, which helps her with organizing ideas and being her best in all the projects she works in.
Sílvia has been using natural cosmetic for so many years.Her partner Miquel, a biologist who also collaborates with this project, was who introduced her to solid soaps, with the ones made by himself.

We all

love what is around us and we need to dream to all Heroes that will help us achieve a world with a better future.

Ready to be a Planet Hero?

What do we offer?

We develop a range of products in different activity sectors, always focused in offering solutions to make it easier for the consumers to change habits in a healthy and comfortable way – as well as being able to live a natural life taking care of themselves and the planet.

Handmade products, made with natural, local and fair trade ingredients and materials.

We put our trust in products from local artisans and small companies, so we can all continue to work on what we love.

Our soaps and shampoos are handmade in Spain with natural ingredients that are respectful to the environment.

Likewise with our accessories: we use natural woods from sustainable sources for our soap dishes, natural cotton for our bags and pouches, and our vegetable sponges are totally compostable.

Our product range is zero waste and plastic-free.

Packaging: Zero Waste and from sustainable sources

The way we present our product is of equal importance to the product itself in order to achieve our goals.

Our packaging is zero waste and from sustainable sources.

The boxes in which the soaps come in are 100% recyclable and reusable, and both the paper that wraps the boxes and the labels of our complements is recycled and recyclable, as well as being printed with environmentally friendly inks.

For shipments, we use recyclable or compostable boxes, paper tape, fillers and adhesive labels, always using environmentally friendly inks.

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